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Thread: Sad News for the fly fishing world and Good News

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    Default Sad News for the fly fishing world and Good News

    Sad News is one our industries good ones passed away after a long battle with Leukemia one of the originators and owner of Fish Age products.

    I never got to meet him personally just know people who knew him and at all times nothing but positive comments about how gracious and vibrant as well as passionate about fly fishing he was! So for my Friend Jim T. I hope your trials and tribulations pass with your good friends positive memory.

    2nd part a little more upbeat.

    Mr Teeny is launching a new interactive web site with in the next week or so I have had the pleasure of reviewing it and providing comments I think it will be darn cool once completed. There will be a sticky added and a link once it is up and running I guess you could say it will be the Grand Reopening of Jim's business onto the Web so darn cool stuff.

    Back to the Sad Note sorry; I spoke with Jim about launching his site and trying to generate additional funds for his friends family still reeling form the sad sad news so I expect in order to accomplish that specials will be offered on the remaining product line to help the financial aspect of Fishage products.

    As I reminded my wife yesterday we are all on borrowed time and just last May I was in trouble with a white count of 2.1 and enlarge Lymph-nodes. One never knows "really" you never know what can happen all of the sudden "really".

    Get out, enjoy, teach others and be thankful you can.


    Richard Mousseau

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    know that feeling man! been in and out of the docs since end in sight and so far no diagnosis other than they're trying to tell me its in my head!

    Never heard of the guy or the company still sad to hear it!


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