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Thread: Books about ATV-ing in Alaska?

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    Question Books about ATV-ing in Alaska?

    I have a small collection of books about canoeing, kayaking, and float hunting in Alaska. They cover boat & equipment selection, trip planning, and detailed descriptions & maps of specific rivers and streams. Most of these books were written by AOD members, and are great sources of information.

    Are there any similar books about riding/hunting on ATV's in Alaska?

    Thanx, Dave.
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    When I first got up here (July, of '94) I found a book called "Alaska Wilderness Trails". It gives descriptions of 23 South central trails. The authors are James Riley and Ted Schachle.

    I did a quick search and found the web site:

    The page was last updated in 2001 so I don't know if the contact or purchase information is still valid. The book is a good starting point about trails but it does not talk about camping or hunting, just the trails.


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