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Thread: Thoughts on the Yamaha Viking SxS?

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    Default Thoughts on the Yamaha Viking SxS?

    I'm looking for thoughts/impressions from anyone who has put the 2014 Viking through its paces. Specifically how it handles in real trail conditions, hills, and tight trails.
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    No first hand experience here but my impression of the Viking is its HUGE! Not gonna be very maneuverable in tight trail conditions. Personally I think yamaha missed the mark here and made a farm/ranch vehicle instead of the hunting/recreational use crowd that the rhino was a better fit. Look at Honda, they halted production of the Big Red which the Viking is similar to and made the Pioneer My .02
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    I only had a test ride in the Viking and it was very loud...obnoxious enough for me to avoid buying it. Agree with you mjm316. The Pioneer is much quieter. I think the Viking's size is partly due the past Rhino lawsuits. Gonna stay with wheelers to fit the trails I ride and fit my needs.

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    +1 on the Pioneer. I love the 4 seat option, and Honda reputation. That being said I have no experience with the Viking, and can only tell you what I ended up buying based on my needs. It may be worth taking a look. I believe Dirt Wheels Mag did a comparison of the Pioneer, Viking and Ranger in their latest (March) issue. It may be worth reading also.


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