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Thread: Upper Kenai Sockeye f/ Driftboat

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    Default Upper Kenai Sockeye f/ Driftboat

    Hello again,

    I took the new drift boat out on the long weekend and floated from the bridge to Jim's. This being my first drift boat I found it actually fairly easy to handle. One lesson I did learn quickly is to take them dang oars out of the water when going through the rapids *rubs knuckles*.

    My question is:

    I have always been a land lubber when it comes to the first run of reds and finally broke down and bought the drift boat to avoid the gong show. Floating down from the Russian I found a nice cut on the main river that basically comes to a 30 ft spawn for the main river......Do the reds stick to the main river when running up or do they use the slower sidewaters? I have a buddy flying up just to go fishing and I would hate to have his first Alaskan experience sitting off that lil island near the sanctuary.

    Anyone able to chime in on any previous past personal experiences with Reds on the upper river. Heh with the amount of coin I dropped on new terminal gear and the boat I need to put some meat on the table to keep the wife happy.

    I also picked up some hotshot's 35 orange....for those that hit the upper river is just a matter of dropping the plugs between spots for bank fishing in the main current?

    Sorry for all the questions.......I must admit the float was very nice. Ran into two grizzy's over the weekend, 1 moose, and alot of waterfowl. One grizzy's doesnt really count for the river float because he was in the backyard of my cabin munching on a moosecalf that just hatched. Talk about stopping mid drink seeing a grizz charge outta the woods to swoop up a calf with the cord still attached.



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    fish for them from anchor exactally like you do from the bank or pull over at a good hole and fish for reds there, the bueaty of drift boat is you can cover more water when trout fishing
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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