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Thread: Cutom 45 value guess-ta-mate???

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    Default Cutom 45 value guess-ta-mate???

    I just received another bill for aircraft maintenance, so I will probably have to sell off yet another one or tow more shooting irons.

    I have a 90 vintage Springfield Armory 1911A1, which I customized back when I went to a couple armorers schools.

    The parkerizing was polished down and she was hot blued.
    There and Novak front and rear sights.
    A Wilson beavertail, Or did I use a Clark???
    A Videki trigger
    Lightweight hammer.
    Open ejection port and bevel mag well.
    Pearce River grip panels.
    Full length recoil spring rod with shock buffs.

    heck I may have to take her apart to see if anything else was changed The 90s were a while back...

    Anyway, I am wondering what the common sale value of a 45 like this might be these days... ??? She is pretty much a safe queen and those are what I will sell off first until business picks up...
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    I have no idea what its worth, but you could start with the online auction places like gunbroker and see what similar pistols are bringing. Thing is, you have to consider the price fifference between the ones that are actually being bid on, versus the starting prices of those without any bids... but it might give you an idea..
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    Nice gun but regretfully I think about $750 will be tops. Folks today like holes in their triggers and hammers with dovetailed front sights and of course stainless.
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    Unfortunately, you're competing against brand new guns like this Ruger:

    Springfield Armory isn't a custom maker, so there would be no premium attached. I'd agree with Amigo. 700 +/- 100. Here's a new Springfield:

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    Its worth what a used stock Springfield would bring. A preview of the "sold" section of gunbrokers will give you a good idea of what to ask. The customizing adds little if any value to it unless you are fortunate enough to demonstrate in person how accurate and reliable it is.


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