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Thread: River boat "cabin" set up

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    Default River boat "cabin" set up

    I've been off the forum for awhile for various reasons, but had some free time this week to start poking around again and thinking about what we're going to do this summer. I'm looking for ideas to make or boat work better for seating/storage/functionality. We have the classic set up of 2 forward facing seats and bench seats down each side. I've noticed over the years that most people don't like sitting crooked in the bench seats to see where we're going. Also, my factory storage boxes under the seats open towards you, so they're kind of awkward to get into. So...I'm looking for some ideas (pics would be great too) of how to come up with a better arrangement for the area under he canvas. I think I remember SeaULater having built plywood boxes for his bench seats that had elevated bottoms that let him remove the boxes when stuck and the contents would stay above the water when placed on a shallow gravel bar. That's an example of what I'm looking for...real world solutions to every day challenges faced in a multi use boat (hunting/shrimping/fishing/providing simple transportation). Not looking for dinette/galley type of stuff although organized storage for a coleman stove and like equipment would be desirable.

    Seams like this type of thing crops up every year about this time for me

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    Anyone have a good quick release setup to take their seats out. It it a pain screwing them in and out for trips to Chitina and to haul 4 wheelers and such.
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    put a cooler in the seats place with a swivel seat or a pad. can velcro or bungee it down or use brackets to hold it. easy to take out . stays dry. light weight. floats. i would have two except my other bench is a live well.

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    Hello, Just checking on posts and see this one. If U need some pics just give me a PM and I will send U some.


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