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    I have several of the big name outdoor stores close to my home. I could have spent all day in each store, and not got the information, I got in 5 minutes from Stewart at B&Js today!


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    Yep. Here's the career arc of big box clerks:

    Last job- Worked up to window duty at McDonalds.
    Next job- Run the deep fryer at Burger King.

    Fishing? That's what they do when a customer wads up a burger bag and flushes it.

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    Just about came unglued on a gun clerk at Dicks Sporting goods in AZ last week. I guess I should have cut him some slack as his other responsibilities included selling woman's shoes.

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    No doubt the guys at B&J have good info, but make no mistake, their goal is to sell gear, and they will "tailor" their info to do so.

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    You go to big box stores when you know exactly what it is you want to buy, you go to the stores with more knowledgeable staff when you need help. I shop at both types of stores. I don't really fault the big box stores for having inexperienced salesman in some or all of their departments, everyone has to start somewhere right? I just know ahead of time before I go in their, that I cannot rely on the sales staff for needed information, therefore I either do the research on my own, or go somewhere I feel I can get that info
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    Yeah Stewart seems like a real nice guy. I need to make him some more of my jigs he likes so much.
    Trustworthy in Soldotna is the same way great prices and good info.
    I have seen many people come out of there completely surprised at what they learned from the staff there especially when they were talking to a young lady at the fishing counter and she schools them on salmon fishing.
    The box stores are there with more selection and sometimes when the small store is sold out of a popular item the box store with it's larger stocking levels has what I need.
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    I like B&J not just for the knowledge but they actually have a wide variety and decent stock of saltwater tackle, rods, reels, lures, hooks and hardware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul H View Post
    I like B&J not just for the knowledge but they actually have a wide variety and decent stock of saltwater tackle, rods, reels, lures, hooks and hardware.
    My family and I arrived in the Anchorage area in the Month of Sept. A close friend told me We had arrived just in the nick of time. B&J's were having their annual 50% off sale. It was the best place in town to replace busted or lost tackle. Even better than the pricing at the hook & Hoe on EAFB...


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