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Thread: Tom Miranda Seminar

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    Default Tom Miranda Seminar

    ABA pleased to announce that Tom Miranda will be doing a seminar April 5 3pm to about 4/4:30pm
    Also along with this seminar we will have other seminars and booths there.
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    Tom is the real deal.

    I was in camp with him one time in the Brooks range years ago. I don't recall that he was using a bow back then...he was sheep hunting in Guthrie's camp at the time. We are about the same age. The cool thing about Tom is that he started small - a fur trapper - with a penchant to write and to tell folks about what he was doing. I remember reading his stuff I think in Fur Fish & Game or one of the predator hunting newspapers at the time like 30 or more years ago. He made some scent lures - kept writing - had this great way about him and what he wrote - I always liked hearing of what he was doing... Eventually I lost track of him and the Lake States, the Dakotas and such. We both grew up.

    Now of course Tom Miranda is big time. Really big time. The moral of the story is he started out not being big time. Eventually and to this day he has morphed into one of the worlds most famous bow hunters.

    From all that I can tell at this distance, he made his way with passion and integrity. He is actually, at least around hunting camp, really nice. Way long ago I really liked his trapping articles.... I've seen a couple of his videos and like the way he gets excited about each success.

    If I had a little kid I'd take 'em to see Tom at your banquet. I just might go myself even though I'm not really an archer. Tom is the real deal....
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