This is all probably very old news/nothing new here for most Alaskans and most of us who regularly drive the Al-Can (Alaska Highway) to and from Alaska, but I thought I would post this cautionary tale for our summer visitors.

Bottom line of the article linked above is a guy tried to cross into Canada (whether intentionally or not) with a handgun in his car. When the Canadians asked him if he had any guns he said no. They found the gun and arrested him. He said he "forgot" the gun was in the car. He is facing a possible 3 years in a Canadian jail.

First of all, no one "forgets" they have a gun in their possession.

Second, most hunting guns in the US are allowed to pass through Canada (the exception being handguns and semi-auto long guns), but you have to declare them at the border, fill out a form, and get a temporary permit to possess. Do some research. Here are some Canadian government websites I found very helpful planing many of trips to and from Alaska, by road, through Canada.

PS: When you are asked by Canadian border agents if you have a gun (and you WILL be asked-it's one of the few questions they ever ask me, but they've ALWAYS asked on EVERY trip) or why you have a gun, don't answer with "It's my right." It's not your right in Canada, and all you're doing is stirring up a poop pot.

Edit: PPS: Pepper spray for personal defense is illegal in Canada and treated the same as a handgun. DON'T BRING IT. However, if the pepper spray is for defense against animals, e.g. "bear" spray, then it is legal. If the container says for personal defense, it's illegal. If the container says bear spray, it's legal.)