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Thread: WACH or 40 Mile Caribou

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    Default WACH or 40 Mile Caribou

    Question I have is if you had a choice of which herd to hunt, WACH or 40 Mile. Based primarly on quality of rack sizes and abundance of animals. WHich would be the best best for a Non Res hunt.

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    The bag limit for the 40 mile herd is one Bull, and from my experience more larger bulls come from the WACH. You would be able to possibly take more than one Bull up north. Many more options for access when hunting the WACH and no real chance of an emergency order shutting down the hunt as it is a general harvest area, whereas the 40 mile hunt is a registration hunt.

    I have hunted both.

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    Wach and 40 mile are both dependent on herd location for success. If animals are not in the areas your transporter uses for drops, you might not score. Lots of opportunity for floating in unit 23. Don't know about rivers to float in the 40 mile area.
    Unit 23 is a 2 animal bag limit for non res. 40 mile is 1. You might also look at eastern unit 26. Good transporters and a a generous bag limit in 26B for non res.
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