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Thread: PRODUCT Review--------BURRIS P.E.P.R. WOW'ZER

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    Default PRODUCT Review--------BURRIS P.E.P.R. WOW'ZER

    OK....I admit that I am an Optics "SNOB". Not proud of it, be I am what I am. This Burris "TANK" of a scope mounting system is built heavy duty. It feels like a 2 5/16" ball on a receiver hitch. Clearly not intended for the ultra-lite rifle. But built for battle, rugged battle. Even the (12) Yes Twelve screws that hold the top half of the scope ring to the bottom are about three times longer than other ring screws on any of my other brand rings.

    I was all set to order the LaRue QR mounting system for $264.00 + shipping when someone on this forum suggested I atleast consider the BURRIS PEPR mount. I found it for $97.30 w/ free shipping on e-bay and figured if it was crap I would use it on a crap firearm or sell it. When it arrived I inspected it carefully, then promptly ordered (2) Two more.

    Nearly all of my regular (as in daily) use scopes are 30MM so I have three Burris Idem #410342 "Proper-Eye-Position-Ready" mounts. They are intended for flat top AR-15/16 type firearms, however My guess is the could be used on any one-piece picatinny scope base. It has been a long time since I have see a product so massively over built. Did I mention they are heavy-duty.

    I wanted the Quick Release Leaver System (Bottom)

    IF you don't like the Picatinny Tops, it comes with smooth Tops also:

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    Both of our AR15's wear these and I an happy as well.

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    I looked at one of these today at Sportsmans, it was as heavy as a brick. Seemed way over built for the light recoil of the 223.
    Thought it was funny that the Leupold and Burris mounts were made in China and the Nikon was made in the USA.


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