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Thread: Sockeye in the Kenai

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    Default Sockeye in the Kenai

    Anyone have any predictions on when the reds will be available in the Kenai this year? With the late spring do you think they will be later? I usually go down to the Russian the first week in June just to scout and usually see plenty already in the river. Have F&G seen any schools staging out in the inlet yet?

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    Hands down my favorite thing to do... predict when the reds are gonna hit. By my own formula and predictive measures; this should be a normal run timing year so around the 13-15th of June is when the peak at the Russian and Kenai confluence should start and due to the lower water conditions; my prediction is that the runs will last quite a while, unless we get some rain to bring up the water levels. AND NO, I will absolutely not share my information on which I make these predictions.
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    Smile There's at least one down south!

    Well, you never know for sure ... but here's our first one of the year last night on the Ditch. Normally, they'll go hand-in-hand in respect to deviation from normal timing in most cases ... this is about right to see the first one(kings overall have been a little late) ... hopefully they'll be right on time

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    i also landed a sockeye on the kasilof today. seems real early, but i talked to a guy at Coho Cove and he said he has heard of about a half dozen already.

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    June 17th the russian will have very fishable numbers
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