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    You sent me an PM and I tried to reply, but it says your box is full and you cannot receive any more.

    In response to your message, I would be interested. I have a 3 year old Chessie who is awesome at retrieving and well trained in it - I followed a strict regimen from Water Dog and another book that had some good points. She is a beast and swims like a fish, but I have only gotten her 1 duck so far in 3 years and that was just a lucky accident. I hate it for her because I know she wants to get more but for now she has mostly had to settle for spruce hens and ptarmigan and the occasional moose in the yard (yes, she has attacked at least 3 and come back with fur in her mouth, LOL). Plus, I got some decoys and waders, so I need to have some birds to show for my efforts or my wife is gonna make me stop trying!

    How do I join, when and where are meetings, and what is the banquet all about?

    - Huey

    You can PM me if you want, but util you delete some messages, I can't reply!

    Thanks again.

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    Sounds great! Call or text me later today at 8300718. I will get you everything you need.

    thanks for the info and interest in AWA.
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    You wont regret it a bumch of good people doing good things in the waterfowl community and having fun
    Is it opening day of duck season yet
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    Speaking of which, Hugh, I'm back in AK, when/where is the next meeting?

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    Sent you a text. Looking forward to meeting you folks.


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