Many of our customers have been experiencing difficulty stuffing smaller size casings, slim jims, snack sticks etc.
A few of you have destroyed your smaller stuffers by bending the frame or or ripping up the gears.

Most of you folks are mixing the seasonings and letting the product set for 12 to 36 hours for the seasonings to set. The longer it sets, the stronger the bind and it's very hard to stuff.

Another way, stuff your casings immediately after mixing all components and then let it set in the casings for your desired length of time in a cool place. Your seasonings will still set up nicely. Now ready for the smoker or oven.

Your stuffer will love it and you will too!!!!! It will be much easier to do the task...

Butch wants to take this opportunity to apologize for not working this forum properly. Guess I could plead, senior citizen and this stuff isn't easy.

We at Alaska Butcher Equip and Supply have lots of information to share on these type problems and most of the answers come from you our customers. We're just a good collection point.

I will try harder at addressing your problems and sharing with you on a regular basis the many problems and ideas that you share with us on a regular basis.

We've been doing something right as this is our 24th year and still here. Thanks to all of you supporting us with your business on a regular basis. We certainly appreciate it.

Butch/Barbara and Staff