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Thread: Moose river with a prop

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    Default Moose river with a prop

    Looking for more ideas on where I an explore with my 20' flat bottom and 50hp prop. Never been up moose river an wondered what the river is like. Not looking to hunt just go cruising and maybe some fishing. Thoughts?
    Moose river outa sterling.
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    You can only go a couple miles (maybe) up the Moose with a motor then you enter the KNWR, motors prohibited, even if it not restricted the river becomes very narrow, very shallow in places-so much that I have had to drag a canoe-and in many places where the water is "deep" there are submerged alder or spruce tree stumps/logs from the bank sloughing off. And... it is very weedy upstream of the bridge before it chokes down.

    Awesome canoe trip though. Went in on the West entrance to Swan lake and canoed down middle fork-if memory serves correctly-twice. What a great trip.

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    My family has a place on the Moose. We tried it and it's really canoe territory once you get up about a mile from the confluence. As stated there are quite a few stumps, rocks, etc to hit.
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