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Thread: knik river open!

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    Thumbs up knik river open!

    Anybody get out and get theyre boats wet this weekend?

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    I dont think its open at the knik exit but the bridge in the butte looks pretty good i saw some pics today

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    Well, finally, I been waiting for somebody to get out and play with all this warm weather we been having. there are a couple of good open water areas, well there was, down by the highway that you guys with the smaller boats could have slid your boats across the ice and into the water and then run up and down the river atleast to just above where the tailrace entrance starts. My boat is way to heavy but I sure wanted to....
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    I think were gonna go this weekend out by the bridge in the butte we should be able to just unload in the water . The knik bridge launch opened for all of 1 day... Dangit


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