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Thread: Legality of drop shot rig??

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    Default Legality of drop shot rig??

    I recall seeing in the regulation something about it being illegal to have a set up where the hook can't be above the weight. I'm sure it had something to do with snagging.

    But I warned to try a drop shot style rig jigging through the ice where the weight is on the bottom with two snelled flies above the hook... A drop shot rig. Is it legal? Where did I see it? Or was I dreaming or were the regs changed. Thanks!

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    As far as I know Rudy there is no problem with that rig...of course you will now have to search for days through the regs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AK2AZ View Post
    As far as I know Rudy there is no problem with that rig...of course you will now have to search for days through the regs.
    Ya.. Your funny...funny looking.... <==== just kidding since I've never met ya in person! It was the only smart aleck comment that came to mind...because you did hit the nail on the head... My world would be shattered if I ever got a ticket for fishing and gave Johnny Law even the remotest possibility of losing my fishing privileges!! I'll be looking all night.... Hard to find something that's not there though!

    The easy thing to do is not use it but I think I'm dragging my kids to Big Lake tomorrow and want to maximize their chances. My usual rig takes a little too much concentration and monitoring a slack line drop or watching the lure. I thought this might be a way for them to detect the strikes a little more easily with me jigging something big near them to attract the fish. Given the usual pace at Big Lake I don't see them lasting long but my son (9 yrs old) wants to try for a bigger fish he says. I'm happy to oblige though my 11 yr old daughter correctly reminds me every time the kids have fished Big Lake, we've been skunked...I think three times.

    Makes me feel a bit better that knowing someone who fishes as much as you do thinks it's ok...unfortunately me saying "hey, a guy on a forum said it was ok" is likely not going to get me out of a ticket. Lol.

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    So here are the only things I could find in the regs that mention location of weights and hooks:
    -Page 4 & 51: For the fly-fishing only gear restrictions, weights may be used 18 inches or more ahead of the fly
    -Page 19: For the fishing hole in Homer, weights or bobbers following a hook or hooks may not be used when these waters are closed to snagging

    So, best I can tell, it looks legal to me!

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    Thx cpt! I read it up and down and saw only what you saw. I recall a long thread on the saltwater forum and maybe it was another forum where there was a big discussion with even graphics about weights on a dropper. Ie main line goes to a three wa swivel and how the hook line had to be longer than the line to the sinker. I think my memory is just starting to fail me.

    I'd think it has to be ok if it's a general rule or otherwise everyone using the sabiki rig is illegal. It makes me think it's a in-river situation in WA or somewhere else.

    Thanks for looking. Appreciate the input from both you and ak2az. I never did make it out. But plan to utilize at some point. Want to also try with droppers and then dodger below hooks and then a sinker as suggest by other folks when I posted the dodger and jig set up.
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    The reg you are thinking of was specifically written for the fishing hole on the spit.
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