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    I've heard several rumors that Ninilchik River is open during the week for hatchery fish and weekends for both. As far as I can tell the reg's say Friday Midnight, Sat, Sun like they always have. Has there been an emergency order?

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    Default Emergency Orders

    Alaska is a tough place to keep up on the regs without doing your research before you leave. do not fish by a persons word though. find the E/O and know it so when you get stopped by the trooper or fish and game you can have the direct info not just the well he said story

    anyways here is the link to the E/O's if you go to the ADFG website
    Also here is the emergency order off of the website.

    The Ninilchik River will be open continuously for hatchery king salmon starting Memorial Day weekend

    An Emergency Order has been issued to open the Ninilchik River continuously to fishing for hatchery king salmon from Saturday, May 26, 12:01 a.m. (Memorial Day weekend) through Sunday, July 15 at 11:59 p.m. Bait will be allowed until September 1, but anglers can use only one single-pointed hook through July 15. The use of double or treble hooks may resume July 16 and continue until September 1.

    The harvest of wild king salmon will be permitted only during the usual “wild weekend” openings, which are Memorial Day weekend, the next two weekends and the Mondays following those weekends. Outside these dates, only hatchery king salmon may be kept, and wild king salmon may not be retained or possessed. Hatchery fish can be recognized by their missing adipose fin and healed fin clip scar. King salmon intended for release may not be removed from the water.

    The fishing area remains the same: from the river mouth upstream approximately 2 miles to the regulatory marker. Daily bag and possession limits for king salmon 20 inches or longer are 2 per day and 2 in possession, only 1 of which may be a wild king salmon. Daily limits for king salmon under 20 inches are 10 per day and in possession.

    Any king salmon 20 inches or longer that is kept counts toward the annual limit of five and must be recorded immediately.

    A person may not fillet, mutilate, or otherwise disfigure a king salmon in such a manner that prevents determination that the fish is a hatchery or wild fish until the person has stopped fishing in the Ninilchik River drainage for the day and has moved more than 100 yards away from the Ninilchik River.

    Anglers will still be allowed to remove the gills and the guts from their Ninilchik River king salmon before removing the fish from the shoreline fishing site.

    King salmon are stocked in the Ninilchik River to provide additional harvest opportunity for sport anglers while preventing overharvest of the wild king salmon that return to the river. Approximately 40 percent of the expected return of hatchery-produced king salmon continues to escape the fishery despite the liberal bag and possession limits.


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