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Thread: Goose hunting near the valley

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    Default Goose hunting near the valley

    Hi everybody,

    Just posting to see if there is anyone who goose hunts in the valley who would be willing to take on a partner for at least a day to show me the ropes. I have always wanted to get into duck and goose hunting, but don't really know where to go or how to do it properly.

    You can reply to this, message me, or email me at or even call or text my cell (three 1 eight, three 55 nine 2 nine nine)

    I have a shotgun and even a retriever if wanted, just not sure where to go or how to do it.


    (and if my email is removed, I understand - I know some forums don't like people sharing outside contact info)

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    You can certainly get a goose or two in the valley. I'm sure there are a few on here that have worked it, but doubt if many willing to give up their secrets. The geese come though a few weeks after the waterfowl season opens, depending on weather, they stop and spend the night, or may stick around for a couple weeks. I usually throw out a couple geese deks with my duck deks, as confidence for the ducks, but any geese I get, maybe one a season if lucky, are just incidental to the ducks. PM me august or sept and should have room to take you out, depending on what is going on then. Plans made this far in advance are subject to too many changes. Watch for notices here about the upcoming AWA meeting and elections, you can meet lots of hunters there and get lots of information. Bud

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    Thanks! I will get in touch closer to the season.


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