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Thread: Ice/Lake conditions around the valley...?

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    Default Ice/Lake conditions around the valley...?

    Has anyone done any fishing around the valley with all this warm weather? Looking for conditions on top of the ice, looks like soup out there? Wondering if its worth dragging the sled and gear out there?


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    Lots of overflow.

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    Wasn't fishing but I stopped down at the Lake Lucille landing today and it was a mess. I'm sure it would have been safe to drive on, but looked like you could get a 4wd stuck in the overflow.

    Anybody driving around Big Lake?
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    We went up around sutton today and had no problems, saw an atv on the ice and they did not have any issues. We had good solid ice all the way across the lake. Over by the spring where we fished we had open water and about 4 too 6 inches of overflow though. First time i had fished close to open water on the ice with any overflow, kinda of scary. Landed one nice bow, and lost a bruiser 3 foot below the ice on a tipup. all in all not a bad day.

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    Went to long lake today, ice was just fine. No overflow where we were. Drove out with no problems, even saw a truck way out in the deeper sections. A lot ore snow though than last time I was there

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    On Sunday, ice roads on Big Lake were all in good shape though it was nice flat SLICK ice!!!! Missed a few turns even though I was crawling along. There was definitely some overflow off the plowed roads. If you plan on venturing off the plowed roads with your rig on Big Lake, I would definitely walk the area first. One spot was nice solid ice with maybe one ft of snow. 20 feet over it was a foot of snow over 6 inches of water and getting deeper before I stopped and turned around...on foot.


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