I have two plans I need help with equiping:

1. winter: I have a nice skandic long track/wide track that I can haul alot of equipment on with my 10 ft sled. I have gold claims outside ruby with 2 cabins on them and a trail I've cut into the small mountains there. our main gold is 90 ft deep in the old creeks, 15 ft if your blessed...my area was 90 ft deep, BUT, there are old benches of gold on the sides of the mountains...I want to be able to load my Honda 2000 generator up on my sled with some type of drill, ie Hilti, etc that can take small core samples 5 to 10 ft deep, hopefully more..and go up on the mountain sides and take cores to see if there is anything worth fighting the mosquito's for! I heard that there was a guy in Fairbanks that makes core bits with extensions...any ideas on the equipment, etc? I will not be going through bedrock, but just through the tundra, junk, and gravel...frozen...

2. I need to be able to take core samples in the summer with a hand held auger that I can put in the canoe adn drag around to the sand bars, this creek is small...OR, I could put the honda generator in to use an electric setup...any ideas on what equipment would work for this?

3. I could use a bigger auger setup for teh summer in my jet boat up another river to test the sand bars...any ideas on what works for this?