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    First off to the mods: if this is not allowed please delete.

    I was given a johns sporting goods dot com as a place to buy some fishing gear, downriggers etc. What I've experienced from this man & his shop is nothing more than incredible. Orders are shipped ASAP. Free shipping to Alaska on many items, prices are excellent. I try to buy locally but when I'm saving many dollars and usually given a choice of American made on many items I'll go with John.

    Check the web site out for yourself. BTW in store specials will be honored if you call the shop. He has other items in stock at times that aren't listed on line, so if there is a particular item you want just call and ask or email.

    I did a order Friday evening it is here today. Example I ordered 2 10 ft pieces of tinned duplex wire with ends for crimping at 19 bucks each, here the local store was asking 43 bucks for the same. It's a no brainer...

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    I live in Washington and buy all my tackle at Johns Sporting Goods. Really good honest people. They are involved in all the local clubs and derby's, donating prizes and giving free seminars. They have been in business for many years in the same location. Check out their face book page too. Many of his customers will post fishing reports and pictures daily.

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    +1. Quality outfit. As good as online service is, it's worth a drive up for a visit any time you're in Seattle. Candy store, staffed by folks that know what they're talking about.

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    Huh! thanks for the tip, going to Seattle Boat a week from Monday so will check out John's while I am the store! Can't buy salt water stuff "locally" in Idaho except at my local computer


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