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    Hello all.! I got the rawhide webbing on my Iverson 11x54 Ojibwa shoes wet. Anyhow it broke in a couple of places. I went to Black Elk leather in Anchorage to get some lacing for repair. They don,t have any and not sure when it will be available.! I called Iverson, they told me the lacing does not have a long shelf life and must be used asap. So they could not/will not send me some. Question where in Alaska can I purchase some and/or who can do me a quality repair. Thanks in advance for your replys.

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    Sorry I cannot answer you question, but...

    You did not say whether or Iverson suggested it, but why not send them to the manufacturer for repair? Another thing, is there some reason one cannot buy dried rawhide lacing then soak it just before installation? That should eliminate any concern for "shelf life".

    One more thought, perhaps the most expedient route would be to get some of the synthetic material for a replacement, at least temporarily. I know it would be sacreligious, but it would get the shoes back on the snow.

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    Go to the pet store or pet row at the grocery store and get a big rawhide chew toy. Soak it in water, unroll it, and cut the size strips you need.


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