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    Default Kustatan River

    Looking for information on fly out for silver salmon to the Kustatan River the 1st week of August. Is a guide needed? What techniques are used for spin fishing? Are bears a concern?

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    First week of August should be dynamite anywhere on the river. Fish with cured roe on incoming and outgoing tides on lower river. If water visibility allow, streamers and wet flies, and hardware work fine as well. Im my opinion fisherman are more of a problem than bears on the lower part of the river, but there are brown and black bears all over (mostly due to the fact that people cant seem to resist leaving blood and guts all over the river banks!) If you know anything about salmon fishing guides should not be necessary. Personally, I have fished the river since the early 70's all over and I prefer the upper part due to lack of crowds. It's also much more difficult to get to good holes with lots of bushwhacking and fishing can be a little more sporatic. Lots of bears up there as well. less people means better time for me.

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    Default Kustatan

    Kustatan during that time period is awesome. I guide there during July and August and we always do well. You will more than likely need a boat to fish the river properly, and most of the boats over there are guide boats. I would not suggest running a boat over there without experience on the Kustatan or you'll spend most of your time stuck sucking up sand. There's always the option of using an airplane and landing toward the mouth and just bank fishing, depending on the tide you can do good without moving too much.

    There are lots of bears there, I was pushed off sandbars by brown bears at least 6 times last year.

    Kustatan is one of my favorite places once all the people are gone.
    Marc Theiler

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    Default Bears

    I have been there about 8 times with my buddy and his plane. I have never been there without a bear(s) being around, often too close as well. Fishing has been great also.
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