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Thread: ? about hauling stuff on a plane

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    Default ? about hauling stuff on a plane

    Ok I know nothing about airplanes but I have seen picture's of you guy's with antlers tied to the outside of your planes.

    I would like to know how does that effect your flying and what other crazy stuff do you flyers hall on the outside?

    Thanks I did not find anyting about this in a searh


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    The search term would be 'external load'.

    Here's a thread.

    And here's an FAA page about it:
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    Look up external loads and external load permits.
    A lot of those loads you see are not exactly legal....
    I jumped through all the loops a couple times so I could haul a Kayak or Canoe. You REALLY notice the extra drag.
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    Thanks that was really interesting, I had know idea you could haul that much stuff externally.


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