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Thread: 300 WSM Winchester Coyote

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    Default 300 WSM Winchester Coyote

    Anyone have opinions on this cartridge and or gun? I am speaking of the heavier barrel fat stock coyote, not the coyote lite. I recently found one for sale and was thinking of getting it and using it at the range for some long range fun.

    Thanks, schmidty

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    For me the 300 WSM is nothing more than a worked over 30-06. That's not criticism of it's capabilities, because I happen to respect the 06. There's not enough to the 300 to make me dump an 06, but I'd pick one up if it was in a rifle I liked and felt offered advantages.

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    I own a coyote in 270 wsm. I love it and it is pretty accurate right out of the box. If I didn't already own a 300RUM, I would have bought the 300 wsm in the coyote. I am getting ready to pick up a .223 wssm in coyote. You won't be disappointed. this is my first winchester gun and I like the action better than my model 700. It just seems smoother.


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