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Thread: Float Hunts/Pilots 2013 Kotz

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    Default Float Hunts/Pilots 2013 Kotz

    Hi guys:

    Walt here. I have had a number of prospective clients (out of state) who have contacted me in the past 2is.. months regarding next fall moose hunt out of Kotz. I have 4 groups who have trips on paper pending the results of the 2014 draw which we all know that the results are not released until mid February.

    Here is the concern... All of these groups are waiting until they get the results of the draw to line up gear and a pilot. Well some years that may work but not this year! I currently have booked all of my float packages except 2 and what is even tougher is that2 of the 3 flight services that I refer to are 100% booked and the 3rd only has a few dates left. Point is...there are not going to be any flights for a number of these groups who have chosen to wait and see. Most years I have gear and can find flights up to the draw date but not this year..

    What is the solution? get a deposit in with your flight service NOW! Most flight services will refund your deposit if you do not draw that tag (better ask first though!). I advised against waiting to all of my contacts this fall as I saw things filling up and I am afraid we may have to turn groups away due to the lack of gear and flights....

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