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Thread: 9.3x62 recipes and component recommendations needed

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    Default 9.3x62 recipes and component recommendations needed

    I just bought a 9.3x62 (CZ550 FS) and was disappointed to find that SW does not have any 9.3/.366 components in stock. Any suggestions on where to get these?

    Also, if you have a favorite load to work up for this caliber I would like to give it a try. This will be my primary moose/bear rifle.

    Any thoughts towards bullet manufacturer is also welcome (NP, Swift A-frame, Barnes, etc)


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    I put some years of handloading, and hunting with the exact rifle you describe. Your particular 9.3 carbine has a very fast rifling twist as compared to others. With bullet selections, I don't view the 9.3 as a long range gun, nor do I view bullets like the 250 grain accubond as necessary. What you tote the 9.3 for, is for the big bullets, that's where it shines. It's a one bullet kind of gun IMO. One bullet to do anything within 400 yds.

    Midway and Grafs should be able to take care of you. A phone call to woodleigh, and they know of an online dealer that has more woodleigh bullets in stock than midway. how about a 320 grain woodleigh? That's what I was going to switch to.

    All factory cartridges are grossly underloaded, overpriced crap. Here's some velocity specs of some locally avail 9.3 cartridges chronied in a CZ carbine: 285 grain laupua megas: 2000 fps. Nosler Custom/250 grain accubond: 2,300 fps. Nosler custom 286 grain partition: 2,200 fps.

    I've handloaded 358 winchester cartridges more powerful than the factory 9.3 junk.

    Graf and sons has some excellent prices on PRIVI brass. It's actually cheaper priced than all 35 whelen brass. I used Lapua and Norma though.

    Here's what you can expect from a good handload:
    64 grains of Alliant Mr-2000 powder, standard primer, 300 grain swift A-frame: 2,460 fps from a 20" barrel. Enjoy 375 h n h power with five in the mag.

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    Yup, Midway has lots of 9.3 components. I bagged a bunch of 286 blemished bullets (look just fine to me) from them. 99% sure they're Hornadays.

    Also Grafs:

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    John Barsness has expounded at length in other chat rooms and in his Rifle Loonys books regarding the 9.6x62:

    "Try around 62.0 gr of Reloder 15 or 60 gr of Varget with 250s for 2600+ Ramshot Big Game is outstanding with 286 gr bullets. Around 65 gr will get close to 2500 fps in most rifles. I've had both loads lab-trested and they develop about the same pressure as factory 30-06 ammunition."


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