I thought I would take a couple minutes to give some insight on locked threads. Occasionally you will see a seemingly innocuous thread get locked. There are likely one if two scenarios at work.

First is that it went way south and was cleaned up to leave the valuable info and then locked to keep it from further degradation. We usually post a note before doing that but we are all volunteer mods and have lives and jobs that also vie for our time. If a mod gets a bunch of reports about a thread they may react to it and only have time to do some quick trimming and bar the door.

The second is best displayed in pictures since the vast majority of you never see the moderator interface and have no clue just how easy it can be to accidentally "moderate" something

This is my view when surfing a thread.

Seems pretty comparable to the regular user interface and most moderation tools are stuffed away in drop down menus except this one little box...

This little box can bite you pretty easily if you aren't careful! This is especially true if you are using touch screen tablet as the box sits in the lower left hand corner and is easy to accidentally activate. It is also possible to "tab" to it accidentally on a PC and select it.

Ultimately if you find a thread that is locked and doesn't seem to have any obviously outrageous content a simple PM to Brian M or Mike and a little patience will probably sort it out. No need to assume that there is something nefarious going in.