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Thread: 454 Casull SRH optics

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    I have decided to put some kind of low power optics on my 454 Casull SRH. My eyes aren't what they used to be. I am wondering if the factory supplied ringmounts would be adequate to hold a good quality red dot scope safe from recoil. Any suggestions?

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    I would say the Ruger mounts would be fine but there aren't a lot of red dot scopes that will handle a 454 for very long. What model of red dot will fit the Ruger rings? I would go to a 2x Leupold. I have one on my FA 83, 454, and it has suffered through 300 plus rounds and still right where I put it. I shot a three inch group at 100 with it last week end, it still works.
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    I have a bushnell trophy on my SRH casull. I have only a couple of boxes through it, but seems to be doing good. Im not sure if I didnt tighten down the rings enough or what, but the scope is sliding back from the recoil.


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