Back when I was Scoutmaster for Troop 49 we would do our share of winter camping. Winter camps always seemed to have a camp fire which provided a steady supply of hot coals. I rigged up this convection water heater to harness the power of those coals. Its an old coffee can, some copper tubing,s 5 gallon bucket with lid, a long neck funnel and some plumbing fittings.

The boys would lash together a tripod to keep the water heater at a good height and put a bar of soap in an old sock and tie it to the tripod and we always had a hot water hand wash station or hot water for whatever need arose. If you tie a rope to the handle and throw it over a tree branch, and add a short bit of hose and a shower head you have a camp shower. If stoked with enough coals it will bring the water to a boil in the bucket and it will distort the plastic (boys liked to keep adding coals) The bottom of the coffee can is inch wire mesh like would be used in animal cages. That allows for air flow and ashes to fall through.

All the parts disassemble and can be placed inside thebucket during transport to the camp site.



The bucket above was made by me. The video below and theversion they used was not made by me but get the point across as to how itworks.