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    So here's what I'm looking at.... after having broken a couple of lantern globes, I have looked up the wire mesh globes, which all look good, but don't offer that full wind protection a glass globe does, and can still bend and break your mantle if you bump it with something.

    So I still like the idea of the glass globe... but I was trying to find a high heat epoxy to make a super glass globe. What I want to do it wrap the globe in clear fiberglass mesh, and high heat epoxy the fiberglass right to the lantern globe.

    I haven't been able to find anything besides the metal epoxies like jb weld, etc, that are made for this type of heat. These are of course... not clear.

    Any ideas of a good epoxy that hardens clear like glass and wont burn? Even if it hardens white it would still make a good lantern....

    My next idea is just used wire mesh over chicken wire so I get support and some wind resistance... but the McGyver in me still wants to make this glass thing work.



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    Pyrex is about the only high heat glass I can think of. Plastics just wont take the heat.

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    Yeah.... Pyrex still breaks in snowmachine sleds...

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