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Thread: Smoked meat-a-palooza

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    Default Smoked meat-a-palooza

    Thought I would share a meat-a-palooza weekend with you. I Picked up 35 pounds of meat at Sam's club

    A 12 pound beef brisket

    12 pounds of pork Boston Butt

    And 11 pounds of fresh chicken.

    I will smoke this mess of grub with a mixture of Hickory and apple wood.

    The chicken will be finished first, then the pork and then brisket. The brisket may spend up to 12 hours in the smoker.
    I love smoking days.

    The Brisket rub is made and rubbed on the meat 12 hours prior to smoking.

    Ĺ cup paprika

    Ĺ cup brown sugar

    3 tblsp chili powder

    3 tblsp onion powder

    3 tblsp garlic powder

    3 tblsp seasoned salt

    1 tblsp cayenne pepper powder

    3 tblsp black pepper

    2 tblsp oregano

    Use rubber gloves and rub the spices into the meat and let it sit in the fridge over night.

    I got the fire lit in the smoker at 6:30 am. Then it was time to rub mustard on my Butt (s) and a secret blend of herbs and spices.

    Then I split the chickens and gave them a rub down of not so secret spices.

    Then it was into the preheated smoker with the lot of it. The two pans in the bottom are filled with water and beer.

    Iíll use hickory chunks to start out with and switch to apple later in the day.

    The smoke is great smelling in the morning.

    Now its time to wait. Occasionally spraying the pork and beef with the mop sauce. I have a temp probe in the thickest part of the brisket and another probe checking internal air temps in the smoker.

    The chickens are the first ones done. They look nicely smoked. Time to prepare the rest of the supper menu.

    The pork is next. The combination of the smoke, and the mop sauce on the spice rub gives a dark look. Beneath that bark is juicy smoked pork goodness.

    The pork is pulled.

    While the brisket still cooks, Dinner is served

    12 hours after it went in the smoker the brisket has reached 188 degrees F. This was a really thick and fatty brisket (all the better) and the amount of juice it let loose when I cut into it was amazing. The groove around the cutting board didnít hold it all. We captured this flavor in a quart jar to be used when the meat is reheated.

    I cut it into meal sized chunks that (once cooled) can be vacuum sealed and frozen. The brisket can be reheated right in the sealer bags and sliced once warmed. I will divide the juice and freeze it as well to serve with the meat. This might be my best one yet. Its been a long day and I smell like a piece of smoked meat. I need a shower.

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    Very nicely done RC. Thanks for the recipes. Looks great!


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    Beautifully done!

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    Wow that all looks delicious! What is going to be your next smoking project? By the way, that is an awesome smoker you built; great job!


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