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    I am looking to get in to long range shooting in Alaska and was wondering if there any groups around that have any kink of organization that could help me get headed in the right direction

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunbugs View Post
    The local Fairbanks matches are hosted by 21 mile gun club. Just do a search for "21milegun" and it should direct you to the website. There is a calender there. Winter matches are held at reduced,100yd range. Most folks are shooting iron sighted AR's out to 600 at the summer matches, but we are seeing more scoped bolt guns.
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    Alaska Rifle Club sponsors 600 yd shooting at Fort Rich and 1000 yd shooting at Fort Greely under NRA and CMP auspices. Pulled targets so you get real time feed back. We punch holes in paper and shoot for score. NRA/CMP rules govern

    All are welcome.


    Come out and shoot.

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