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Thread: Kodiak goat question

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    Default Kodiak goat question

    I am beginning to plan a trip to Kodiak next year, late sept-early oct. I am going to bring my bow in the hopes of harvesting a goat or 2 and a few deer. I am planning to hunt the registration area on the south end of the island. I have hunted kodiak several times, and know what to expect weather wise. I have a couple questions that I would appreciate anyone's insight on.

    1. What have you found to be a successful method of hunting goats with a bow? Pattern them and ambush? Stalk from above? Same question for deer.

    2. Any high alpine lake recommendations from Spiridon River south would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Stay out of site. Approach from above. Wear white clothing. Most of the time, goats are too far from the lakes too hunt in one day. Set up a base camp on the lake, and spike out for a few days closer to the goats. Expect extreme weather; rain and wind. The goats have much better coats at the end of October and the deer are coming into rut.

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    In regards to deer hunting, I've found that if they can't smell you, you can (in a lot of cases) almost walk right up to them. I have stalked deer on several occasions, with no intention of killing, and they've let me casually walk to within 10-15 yards all the while I was in plan sight. On all of those occasions, I was down wind of them. These were taken with my iPhone a couple years ago. This was obviously a doe, but I've done it with bucks also.


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