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Thread: Osage Canoes???

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    Question Osage Canoes???

    I found a 1990 osaga aluminum canoe for $375. I haven't seen the boat and I don't know the first thing about them...I've never even heard of the make to be honest. What I have found on line is that they are aluminum and fairly heavy (80lbs for a 16' with 36" beam). Not much more than that. Anybody familiar with them? Any insight would be good.


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    I have a late 90's 16'6" square stern Osagian canoe with an 8hp Suzuki outboard It's been a very ruggeded canoe that has taken a beaten but shows only minor wear. I am not familiar with the one you are looking at but I really like mine. Two people can easily stand up and fish in my boat with it's wide beam. I have seen these canoes literally fall of the top of vehicles with very little damage done to the boat.

    Personally if I was looking at double ender canoes I would research a canoe that is ligther and easier to pack than an aluminum canoe. I am no expert on canoes so I will leave it at that.


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