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Thread: Kayaking in Prince William Sound in 1987

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    Default Kayaking in Prince William Sound in 1987

    This a short video/slideshow that I put together of a kayaking trip in Prince William Sound back in 1987.
    Since the original photos were taken using a film camera and only now scanned to digital format, some of the images are not high quality. There should be enough detail to make the pictures interesting.
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    Nice!!! Very SAD to think I lived on the Kenai Peninsula since 1971 for the most part and just started kayaking recently.

    Even taking a water taxi out to Fox Island in Resurrection Bay in Seward or Sadie Cove in Homer, places I have whizzed by a number of times on a powerboat to go fishing is so much more beautiful from water level and without the gasoline or diesel fumes! The good new is I have been enlightened and plan on exploring even more.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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    I like the soft slide show format. The gopro heroes are cool and all, but also nice to see a bit gentler format without the constant action and hard driving beat. Hard to be believe that 1987 is kinda vintage... seems just yesterday.
    Rudy- I'm not talking down your stuff. I've learned plenty from your vids.

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    No offense taken. I agree completely. My videos are meant to show technique and the action of fishing. I love these scenery shots. It's just much more relaxing and photos sometimes capture the beauty that video cannot.

    In my latest highlight video, you'll notice I have a lot more still pictures. My fishing friends say "what's up with that?!?! Slows the action down". All the rest of my friends not insane about fishing (ie normal folks) said what you said. Lol.

    Pictures or videos, I love to see them all. I rarely if ever vacation outside of Alaska because there is just so much beauty and action to take in here first!!!! Unless I live to be 200 years old, I dont think I will ever come close to seeing what Alaska has to offer!!

    Keep'em coming folks!!!!!
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    Cascade glacier sure has retreated since then. Thanks for posting.

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