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Thread: Airports with Ski Strips.

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    Default Airports with Ski Strips.

    Ok so I'm on straight skis for the winter and based at PASX. I know PAEN has a Gravel/Ski strip and was on it with skis last week. What other airports are set up to support straight ski pilots?
    Homer doesnt
    At least that is what Homer FSS said over the phone. I don't mind going to Beluga Lake, but can I get fuel there?

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    Birchwood, and willow, have 24 fuel. Birchwood has dedicated ski strip willow tends to have snow covered runway if not land to the side. Skwentna roadhouse had fuel last year they would bring out. Runway has snow usually through Feb. Lots of strips are snow covered until Feb. If you need to land next to strip and put dolly wheels on or drag cans.


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