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Thread: No Excuses bullets- opinions?

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    Default No Excuses bullets- opinions?

    Anyone on here have any experience with No Excuses bullets on Alaskan game? I have a box on order. The bits and pieces of info Iíve found on-line seem to paint a happy picture. Iíd love to hear from folks up here with experience.

    Specifically Iím shooting a T/C New Englander in .50 caliber and I ordered the 495 grain bullets. Any thoughts on where to start with powder loads? I currently have Pyrodex Select.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

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    No first hand experience, but reports from a bud who also uses the 495's. He loves them, but as to max charge, he say "More than you can stand in a TC Hawken." I'd contact them directly for charge recommendations.

    BTW- The bud liked them so much he had someone turn out a custom mold for a 58 caliber in the same profile. On my scale they're a few grains short of 750 grains, dropping from the mold at 730 in pure lead. Can't tell you how they shoot, because I haven't had the courage to stuff one down a bore yet.

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    I've been shooting them for 6-7 years. Have taken a fair number of animals in the L48 with them and a caribou up here last year. My plan is to take every animal in Alaska with a muzz and the likely bullet will be a NE. I might go with something that shoots a bit "flatter" for sheep and goat, but haven't got to that point yet. I shoot them out of both my 50 and 45 cal Knight rifles. They like lighter charges than most people push today, 80-90 grains of Pyro, Blackhorn, or 777 seems to be the sweetspot in my rifles. The terminal result has been impressive so far.

    I think the wife will be filling our caribou permit with one this fall.

    I've taken quite a few deer with them, as well, they tend to just blow through. On the bigger animals I've found bullets lodged under the hide on the off side. A buddy has taken 3 elk with them in the last few years as well. One shot flops all of them.

    Here are a few victims.


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