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Thread: New Year cogitation

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    Default New Year cogitation

    As we approach the coming New Year,
    And the Old one is fading away.
    We think of getting our butts in gear,
    And, building for a better day.

    Oh Yes, we could be quite satisfied,
    With what we’ve done in the year that's past.
    But maybe not, and we’re fit to be tied,
    And our bad luck, has left us aghast.

    Whatever our perspective on what has occurred,
    While there’s life there’s always some hope.
    That we can improve to the extent we’ve erred,
    And get on the downside of the slope.

    So now, for the required resolutions,
    If we even bother with that stuff.
    As if that’s a useful solution,
    For a year that’s been kind of rough.

    “I resolve to shoot more bullets,”
    And enjoy those guns I’ve got.
    So I need to get me, some components,
    But the stores don’t have them in stock.

    I need to have more hunting time,
    And, other outdoor recreation.
    But what can I, afford on a dime,
    When gas is so high in the nation?

    There’s so many obstacles to overcome,
    That will challenge my success.
    Should I then, give up like some?
    I wonder if that, might be the best.

    Perhaps I’d be much further ahead,
    If I would put the resolutions aside.
    And concentrate on This Forum, instead,
    Because, last year was quite a ride.

    After all, there’s folks who count on me,
    To complicate their very existence,.
    With all my barking up the wrong tree,
    And doing it with such insistence.

    I’ve valued the answers to questions I’ve asked,
    And gave some from my own point of view.
    I’ve mostly agreed, but differed and fussed,
    As any True “Gun Guy”, would do.

    I could have bugged a lot of you men.
    I’m sure I’ve made some friends too.
    No matter the position, in which you’ve been,
    I Wish,,, a “Happy New Year” to YOU.

    Smitty of the North
    Walk Slow, and Drink a Lotta Water.
    Has it ever occurred to you, that Nothing ever occurs to God? Adrien Rodgers.
    You can't out-give God.

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    I like it Smitty. And not a "whatcha" or "haydere" in sight..LOL.

    I will admit that some of your posts seem a little pointless and I wonder what the heck you are getting at. And lo and behold after a bit of discussion, I start to see your point and why you asked the question in the first place. ..... pretty smart fellar, yaaaaaar....

    Happy New Year to you as well.

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    Great job Smitty. I enjoy all your posts and look for more...maybe our paths will cross some's hopin'....Happy New Year!

    Silver Tip
    "If we lose freedom here, there is no other place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth." ...Ronald Reagan.....please never forget this!!!

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    I found out long ago that money has nothing to do with quality of life. What counts is the quality in your life without fear of the dollar. I hope all here get more time in the field 2014 and every year after.
    Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you

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    I figure if die with a boatload of money ( 12ft jon boat in my case ) in the bank then I wasted all the effort it took to earn it!
    Happy New year to ya Smitty, and thanks for all the fun exchanges!
    When asked what state I live in I say "The State of Confusion", better known as IL....

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    Happy New Year back at ya Smitty!

    My grandson got a new Weatherby 7mm-08 for Christmas. After he opened the box and read seven, em, em dash zero eight. My son looked at me and said what the heck, I thought you were a died in wool 270 fan. I said "I was till Smitty preverted me into being a .284 fan! He then said who the heck is Smitty! I said a guy that I wished lived across the back fence but lives in Alaska instead!

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    Smitty, I'm rightly impressed ! I do believe you could easily hold your own at a Cowboy Poets Gathering - HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL !

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    I like it, thanks for sharing. Happy New Year and Happy Trails to all in 2014!

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    Nice one! Happy New Year to you as well!
    "I do not deal in hypotheticals. The world, as it is, is vexing enough..." Col. Stonehill, True Grit


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