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Thread: Where are some good locations

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    Default Where are some good locations

    Just looking for areas for fox and lynx anything would help

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    I don't think anybody is going to give up a spot where you would have a good chance at any Fox or Lynx.At least not to a stranger over the internet. Especially when that person could hunt their themselves.
    Not to be rude but use the search function to look up posts on what to look for in places to hunt/trap them then go check those spots out on your own.

    P.S. welcome to the forum.
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    Find a means of transportation away from your car, the highway and people... Whether it be a snowmachine, cross country skis, snowshoes, or even your own two feet. Get into a area that provides adequate cover & food for the prey animals (rabbits & rodents) and start calling. That's where you find fox and other predators.

    Maybe check out some creeks or rivers as K9s like to use them for travel. Also watch your wind with dogs

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    I've been going through the process of finding decent calling locations over the past few years. I have a bit of an advantage in that I've hunted big game around Alaska since childhood, but where to start looking specifically for predators was still mostly a mystery to me. I started parking in areas without snowmachine trails and then I went walking. In places where I found lots of tracks I started to call. I've been unsuccessful far more often than not (that's just the reality of calling in Alaska), but along the way I've found a few spots that have given me action and my first few animals.

    I'd suggest you do likewise. Drive east or north of Anchorage for 1-3+ hours, park and walk. If there are tracks, call. If not, make a mental note of the terrain and look for something different.

    Good luck!


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