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Thread: Bushnell Elite + Eye Relief ?'s

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    Default Bushnell Elite + Eye Relief ?'s

    I am looking at the Busnell Elite series of scopes in either a:
    4200 Elite 2.5x10x50 w. 3.3" eye relief
    4200 Elite 1.5x6x36 w. 3.3" eye relief
    3200 Elite 1.5x4.5x32 w. 3.6" eye relief

    This scope will be mounted on a 8mm rem mag so eye relief may be an issue. This rifle will only be used for black bear and moose possibly Grizz if I stumble upon one. My questions are:
    1) Will 3.3 or 3.6 inches of eye relief be a problem for me. I am not to worried about shooting it off of a rest but more about practicing from field positions.
    2) What is the skinny' on these scopes? They look very bright to me. What would you guys compare them to?
    3) What is the max distance you would take a shot at on a large game animal such as a moose under reasonable field conditions? With say 4.5 or 6 power max? I know, I know practice, and it will always depend.... but just curious about your views. I don't plan on ever shooting at anything over 300 yds away anway, thats pretty much my self imposed limit.

    Thanks, Jake

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    If you want eye relief (which is always a good thing) get a Leupold. Can't like the Elites and yes the ER is crappy.

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    Default Scope

    Get a Leupold 2.5 x 8 by 36 MM. A whole bunch of eye relief. Sorry. What was your question?

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    1. It would be adequate eye relief for me.

    2. I have mounted about 30 of them on various rifles in the 300 mag, 338 and 375 H&H with no, that is zero, failures. Some of these were shot extensively (200 rounds) and no failure of any kind. I like the glass and the adjustments but think the eye piece is too bulky.

    3. I would pick the 1.5-6x36, 4200 and take shots with a 338 and 250 grainers out to 300 yards. ( I have a 338 WM with one of these and have made 300-320 yard shots)

    Leupold earned it's way to the top of the heap for good reason. Very high quality and good features (like eye relief) plus a world class warranty. I don't know that the Elete scopes are better or worse, but I've seen no problems. I have seen about a half dozen problems with all the Leupolds I've installed over the years. (There have been hundreds of Leupold scopes.)

    If you like it, go for it.

    I would not mount a scope of the 3.5-10 range on a general duty rifle, but maybe with the low end at 2.5 the 4200 would be ok. I like very low power on the bottom end. Especially when you stumble onto a grizz, he'd be hard to find in a 4x scope.
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    I wouldn't worry about the eye relief unless recoil gets up there beyond what you might experience with an average 375.... Unless you wear shooting glasses. Corrective glasses might qualify too, if they cut down on eye relief. I mounted a scope with 3.5" relief on a very light 54 cal muzzleloader for testing heavy loads, then put on shooting glasses. It's the hardest kicking gun/load combo I've ever shot. Kicked so hard with those loads (510 grain bullet over 120 grains of powder) that I had trouble keeping the forend in my hand.

    The scope ticked my glasses on offhand shots, but I didn't have the good sense to listen to what it was trying to tell me. Sat down at the bench for a shot and it punched the shooting glasses back into my nose and forehead. I guessed that it was because the forend had come out of my hand, so after cleaning up the blood I took a better grip on the forend and tried it again. Silly me.....

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    CZ- A few things to keep in mind. The eye relief will vary with power on most scopes, with more eye relief at lower power. That is typically the number that is advertised. Crank it up to 10x and it can go down to the mid 2inch range. What is the price on the 4200 series? You can get a Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40 for $375-$400 ( and that has a 4" eye relief at all powers. I have one on my 338 that is great. Great warranty too. Just another option for you...

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    Default Looked at several today!

    I looked at:

    Bushnell 4200 1.5x6x36 and 2.5x10x40
    Leupold VXII 2x7x33 and VX III 1.75x6x32

    I will exclude the 2.5x10 bushy cause' I'm not really intereseted in anything that high powered. But the other 3 are very hard to tell the difference between. Here is my take.
    The bushnell 1.5x6 did have a much, much larger field of view then the 2 leupolds. That really suprised me because I would think on low power they would be very close. the leupolds did have great eye relief as was expected, but It goes away quickly as the scope's power is turned up. On the other hand it was still alot when turned all the way up. With Bushnell's eye relief I did not notic a differnece with power change. I could not tell my self that any of them where any brighter than the other. But lighted retail stores will do that to yeah'. I think I like'd the eye box??? better on the leupold, but then again every time I put the 4200 to my eye I liked it alot also.
    Conclusion Leupold's are very nice! Bushnell 4200's are very nice too


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    I've only shot a couple of 8 Mags, tuning them and developing loads for friends. Call it 100 rounds each mostly from the bench. Based on that, I'd have no qualms about 3.5" eye relief, at least the way I hold and shoot a rifle. Your shooting methods may differ from mine, but I doubt enough to matter. The one exception might be shooting steeply uphill while wearing glasses. That's bloodied a lot of people, even with guns like 30-06 and 7 Mag.

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    I have used 3 with no problems and the rain-guard actually works as advertised- a rare thing these days. They are excellent scopes. the odd thing is that the lower power ones weigh as much as the 2.5-10s. I think that the 1.5-5 and 2-7 are unnecessarily heavy, if that bothers you.

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    I had a 2.5-10x40 on my 300 ultra at about 7.5lbs it took the recoil and never kissed me. I could see the end of the barrel in the scope on 2.5x. I really liked that scope, mine was a bausch & lomb 4200 and I have sellers remorse.

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    Default Elite 1.5x6 will Do It


    I have the Elite 1.5-6x on my Ruger Model 77 in .338 WinMag, it provides plenty of eye relief - I've never had a problem from the bench or from hunting positions, and when I practice it's almost totally from sitting, kneeling, and standing positions. Never had the scope come close to my eye, as far as I can tell. I use a PAST recoil pad, so maybe that ensures the eye relief is adequate...but have never touched the eye when hunting either.

    I have a Leupold VXIII on my .30-06, can't tell too much difference in brightness - both are quality scopes.

    As for distance, I shot a moose last year about 225 yards, 6 power was plenty...but a moose is a pretty big target. 6x is plenty of scope for any distance i would shoot a .338, I'd probably pass on any shot over 300 yards, just my own preference...and would want to be a lot closer than that when shooting at bear, so it's plenty of magnification.



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