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Thread: Tikka t3 270 recipes

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    Default Tikka t3 270 recipes

    Got a reloading kit (RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme) for Xmas and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions advice. Newbie at rolling my own (some experience with friends). I havent bought dies yet so any suggestions there would be helpful. Looks like finding powder will be the hunt before the hunt. If anyone is doing a bulk buy let me know. I'm in. I also will be loading for a Sako L61r in 30-06 so I'm all ears on that one too. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and the elves down at ADF&G bring you the tag you wished for. Thanks!

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    Congrats and welcome to the addiction . . . Er, a . . . hobby, yea hobby!
    I recommend Lee dies, order up the 3 die sets online (4 for handgun rounds) that come with the Factory Crimp Die. Lee makes great dies for not much money, they are better than RCBS dies and almost as good as the much higher priced Redding dies.
    Read lots, a good starting place in “ABCs of Reloading” to get a handle on the basics. Other than that ask questions here and enjoy.
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    I use a max load of IMR 4350 (very hard to find now...) and 130 gr Noslers in my son's Tikka 270. If you use magnum primers you should back off 1.5 grains and work up from there.

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    IMR 4350 or H4831 work really well. You can get some decent loads with RL19 too. I like 130, and 140 grain accubonds and partitions for my rifle. The only bullet I've found that my tikka 270 doesn't shoot well are Hornady SSTs.
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    Thanks for the advice/tips. Duckslayer it's odd that your Tikka doesn't like the sst's. My tikka loves tha factory loads. It's actually the bullet I seek out and buy whenever availiable. I'd like to try loading up some rounds with the barnes tsx's and I've read that you can run a lighter grained bullet on account of all the retained weight of the bullet after impact. Any of you guys have any experience loading that bullet? Thanks for the advice on the dies ADfields I'll see about finding a set. The tip on the primers is good to know. Thanks DoughNut.


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