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Thread: Merry Christmas!

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    Default Merry Christmas!

    'Twas the night before Christmas
    Santa Claus was awaitin'
    For his clearance from center
    It was the dead of winter
    And all the good girls and boys
    Were waiting for their toys
    But not even the cold
    Could make Santa hold
    So Santa got a special
    Because his first stop was Bethel
    The wind was a blowin'
    But Captain Claus wouldn't be slowin'
    Towards Anchorage he was headed
    Which Rudolph had dreaded
    Crowded airspace was not his thing
    While under a Super Cub wing
    Many a cousin had found their demise
    And were cooked with homemade fries
    Santa's transponder was set
    Twelve Twenty-Five and ident
    "Speed up" approach said
    Unless you want to be dead
    There is a jet behind you
    And your TAS is only Fifty-Two
    But before they could call
    Claus had emptied his haul
    And he was headed "direct to"
    And then on to the the other states,
    He made the Air Force irate,
    By busting a Presidential TFR,
    But when they had scrambled St Nick was afar,
    By the time Santa left Dover,
    The night was almost over,
    He had his fill
    Of cookies to the gill,
    But he was still under gross
    So he stopped for milk and toast,
    Soon North Pole Tower had cleared
    RNAV for the man with the belly and beard,
    But the weather was low
    And a gale it did blow,
    Santa was qualified,
    For he passed an instrument and multi-reindeer check ride,
    The ceilings were at mins
    And with the powerful winds
    the Autopilot he turned off,
    Santa handled the winds like a boss,
    Established on the final approach course he was cleared to descend,
    Everything was working the DA no need to amend,
    At one hundred above
    Rudolph's nose he did love,
    Going missed Santa did dread
    After the long flight he was ready for bed,
    But the approach lights Claus did see,
    And the sight filled him with glee,
    He rounded out the flare
    With nary a care,
    Mrs Claus came to meet the sleigh
    To bring the reindeer some hay,
    The night was over
    And good children all over
    Would awaken to gifts,
    The ceilings started to lift
    And a beautiful full moon filled the sky
    That night spirits were high,
    And Santa enjoyed some egg nog with Rum
    And he sang ho ho hum
    There was no need to touch the throttle
    So he carried his bottle
    And sat down by the fire
    Where he did retire
    Until next year,
    Maybe he would charter a Lear.
    -Out-of-State for school, remembering why I love Alaska so much

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    Clever, and a fun read. Thanks alaskadrifter, and a Happy New Year - - - and safe flying - - - for you.



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