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Thread: Looking for feet on the ground

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    Default Looking for feet on the ground

    My wife and I will be, coming up in late may or early June to work on the cabin. I need a local in Fairbanks to help me buy a vehicle. We need a vehicle we could use to access the property (4x4) but still use it to drive back and forth to the big city for supplies. Right now I am leaning towards an older jeep. I am looking on Craigslist and seeing some possibilities but wonder if somebody would be willing to look at a vehicle, gimme your .02 worth, buy it for me,and let it live in your driveway til I get up there in June? Yes, I would provide the cash! It is a lot to ask, I am just trying to see if I can be efficient with my time when I get there. I would rather spend time working on the cabin than looking for a car. I will need a small trailer eventually as well but I can cross that bridge later.
    P.S. You could probably take it for a spin if you needed, just don't tear it up!!

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