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Thread: So the pot says to the Kettle...

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    Default So the pot says to the Kettle...

    Letter to the editor:

    Mr. Delaney,

    I see you've chosen to lump together proposals by UCIDA itself, and proposals by UCIDA members "acting as individuals" as though they've all come from the same group.

    I get that.

    So, how can I continue to believe your employer, the Executive Director of Kenai River Sportfishing Association, when he claims that KRSA isn't involved in the Setnet ban initiative that he himself sponsored? In fact, 8 of the 18 current KRSA board members sponsored this initiative. I'll bet that's a majority of the Alaskan residents on the "nonprofit" board that writes your paychecks, and we're not counting general membership, past board members, or immediate family members. The anti-setnet initiative sponsorship list reads like a who's who of KRSA.

    Could you tell me again who is launching an all-out attack?

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    So the Kettle says back to the pot.....

    Kind like how KRSA, a get's lumped in with KRPGA? One is a guide association and the other one represents all sport fisherman.

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    I did not mention the KRPGA, but I hardly think it's unfair that these two organizations are sometimes "lumped" together given their symbiotic relationship in the past. They have a lot in common, and often share both membership and board. They work closely on BOF proposals and politics, and what benefits one organization has in the past typically benefited the other.

    Perhaps if the KRPGA doesn't like being associated with KRSA, they should publicly distance themselves. Now THAT would be interesting.

    I'd be willing to bet that many sport fishermen would object to your suggestion that KRSA represents all sport fishermen. This one does.


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