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Thread: Delta Clear Water to Clear Water Lake

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    Default Delta Clear Water to Clear Water Lake

    I was wondering if anyone has done the Float from Delta Clear water to Clear Water Lake. I have seen maps and it doesn't look that tough. I wanted to take my Girl Friend that has never been in a canoe in a flowinf river. The only part that I worry about it the little section of the Tanana. According to the maps it is only a mile and ahalf on the Tanana. Any info would be great.

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    Default Delta clear water to clear water lake


    I just did the run yesterday. I did it in a power boat, not in a canoe, but other people were. It is about 8 miles from the boat landing of the clearwater creek to the intersection with the tanana. Yes it seems like it is only about a mile down the Tanana, but it is only a slough of the Tanana. There is no fast water and it is very calm. Unless of course a power boat goes by. Then it is a upstream paddle from the Tanana into Clearwater lake. I think that is close to two miles or so.

    Have fun. It is kind of slow to float it, but very scenic.



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