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Thread: Open seat tomorrow...

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    Default Open seat tomorrow...

    None of my buddies want to fish in the morning so I figured I would see if anyone on here wants to go. We could go for pike or bows your choice in the Valley. I have OK spots for both. Would like to take somebody new to ice fishing but anyone is welcome really. Plan to meet at 3 Bears on the Parks in the A.M. either text or me or reply here if you want to go.

    Brian 444-1940

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    Geez I'd love to take you up on some pike fishing! Unfortunately I can't go tomorrow

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    What time do you plan to go? I am on my own tomorrow as well and would like to tag along if I can make a connection time wise. I don't have a ton of experience or gear, burbot fished in the interior a few times and a little on Anchorage area lakes.

    If you want to have me along and try to work something out you can call or text me at 351-1911, I'll be up till midnite or so.

    Thanks, Bryan


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