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Thread: Mud-motor boats (besides canoes)?

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    Question Mud-motor boats (besides canoes)?

    There are a lot of threads on AOD about mud-motors on freighter canoes.

    But, does anyone run a mud-motor on a skiff, jon, or other type of river boat?

    I was looking at SeaArk's Mud Runner series on-line recently:

    Thanx, Dave.
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    Default Crestliner 18' Skiff

    I ran an inline twin 23HP Mud Buddy on a 18' Crestliner skiff.
    It worked pretty well, needed enough water to keep the prop mostly submerged (i.e. about 8 ").
    Rocks wear the prop out pretty quickly if you are going to be dragging bottom a lot.
    Mine had no reverse which could be challenging at times.
    Always felt bottom with the prop before getting stuck, except in soft floating sand/silt bottom like on the Knik.
    Upgraded to a bigger jet boat for a while, I still have the mud motor for sale if you are interested ............
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    35 hp Muddbuddy on an 18' Polar Craft
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