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    Default Treez Tree Tents

    Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with this type of tent: Treez Tree Tents.

    My first thought was "this will never work". But I watched some of the videos and I have to admit there might be room for this kind of innovation for hunts in timbered areas. How about it?

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    My first thought was the same as yours. My second thought was, "with my luck the straps would break just as a porcupine was walking below me."
    I think I would trust it allot more if I lost those 20 pounds that have made there home around my mid section. hahaha

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    Not too sure Mike, I can see it down in the Tongass swinging like a pendulum when the wind blows.

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    I've slept in hammocks of varying types over the years, including some with roofs and mosquito net sides. A couple observations: you can get cold on the underside easily, it's bad for the back, and everything tends to settle to the middle, often putting the feet above the head.

    I could see something like this being better than a tent in wet ground conditions, but that's about it.

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    I've gone to Clark hammocks when I'm in the woods by myself and you'll have CBS (cold butt syndrome) real quick in anything below maybe +60F unless you have insulation of some sort under you and of course on top too. I have used my Clark to +10F with a closed cell pad and an under quilt and a +20F down bag on top of me sleeping in Marino wool long under ware.

    The newer hammocks give a diagonal lay so you're not sleeping in a "U" so I don't really see the benefit of these things. I do like hammock camping in the "bear taco" because it is off the ground and with proper setup it is very comfortable with no rocks, sticks or whatever to lay on under your pad. Throw a fly over the whole thing and you're dry too. I use big stake down flys that keep the wind, rain and snow out. If no trees are available you can set them up on the ground with hiking sticks or whatever is available. I've used one stick and the handle bar on my dirt bike in NM no mans land...just like sleeping in a one man tent.

    Sometimes it's hard enough to find 2 trees in the right spot so needing 3 for these things would make it that much more difficult....I think I'll stay with the hammocks.
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